Amy North: The Relationship Coach

AMY NORTH was the brain behind the book called “Text Chemistry” the book and program that teaches women around the globe how to strengthen the bond between them and their hubby. Text Chemistry is part of the program designed by relationship coach Amy North, the program comprises of main eBook, 3 bonus eBooks and 13 video series. All the three constituents of the program are really important, the 13 video series gives the summary of the main eBooks, and this will help to understand the program better from the Authors perspective and also saves time and for better understanding.

Amy North is a Canadian relationship and dating coach, a best-selling author and a YouTuber with half a million subscriber, Amy based in Vancouver. His program “Text Chemistry” and “The Devotion System” as 100,000 copies approximately worldwide. She has a Degree in Social Psychology, she has been offering one on one sessions for her clientele in dating and breakup coaching. Amy north’s text chemistry was born out of her research when she was studying psychology at the university.

An introvert might find it difficult to communicate with their suppose spouse in the present digital world or feel shy, lack of self-esteem or no confidence, that’s why Amy North teaches how to communicate with your lover through text messages. The book is suitable for women that havean interest in a man and willing to turn him into his husband, make sure the suppose man sees you as interesting, funny and not the boring type (keeper), his charisma and turning things around with her husband if he seems to be losing interest.

Text Chemistry might not be for women/wife that are happy in their relationship because they already have the joyous bond, the blissful marital bond, although the text message tips you will learn from the author are still okay to use for your husband it might not be essential since you are in a blissful relationship. Amy is here to help you capture your dream man’s attention since it might be difficult for you to do that with many distractions in this present world. Have you ever find yourself in a situation whereby you are stuck to a Tv show? It might be a movie, you will always dare to watch the next episode? This technique is what Hollywood scriptwriter use to make sure the viewers stay glued with the show, the same technique is what Amy use in Texting men.

The book is enough as a guide for every step of relationship and some texting scenarios like if you feel the relationship is stagnant, messages to send when you are being ignored if the distance is far, silly text and so on.